Take advantages of Impress photo editing services to gain new successes

Take advantages of Impress photo editing services to gain new successes

Team 12HRS, your reliable companion, was established by Duong, an outstanding passionate young men in photo editing field. Our mission is to build authentic and reliable image, which will progress our activities and create added value to your products, thus benefit all clients in real estate photo industry including professional photographers, photography company, amateur photographerWith an endless effort in development, 12HRS step by step affirms our strong position in editing photo for real estate industry.

Discover the 12HRS team difference!We always work with high intensity, you will be supported even when you are driving without personal computer, or when you are not at your office. We give you more time for caring your family andtravelling, which improve your quality of life.We are a trusted companion in your work and life!Why choose usNot only applying your style in every single photo, but we also provide various editing services that meet the needs of clients including real estate photo editing, HDR blending + flash ambient photo editing, drone photo editing, day to dusk photo editing, portrait photo editing, clipping path cutting.Accompanied with this, arange of package options that are suitable to your financial capability of clients. Especially, a lot of free policies which create the best condition for clients test our ability of fulfilling their project.When you are partner with 12HRS you receive a devotedphoto editing team of 6 highly trained real estate photo editors, who are young, skilled and enthusiastic ready to support you any time and any request.

We work 24/7 Monday through Sunday with 6 to 12-hour photo delivery options. This condition enable you to effortlessly scale your business and book more shoots with the confidence that you could deliver on time and on spec.Furthermore, 12HRS team also consult you for the best result, many editing features for free are added into our services.Our services and policies are designed and delivered to clients with turn-key and cost effective solutions, which will secure our main objectives – the successes of our clients and sustainable development.Profile12HRS team, as a visual expert, provides comprehensive solution for real estate photos.

Our services accompany about 150+ clients to success in their business.With a team of skilled employees is led by Duong – founder of 12HRS, a young and passionate men with more than 5 years of experiences, we gradually develop and confirm the name in the field of real estate illustration.Our working time is 24/20 hoursThere is limitless time for client, as soon as you have demands we always ready for supporting until you are satisfied.Team 12HRS specializes in providing real estate photo editing services worldwide with effective time and cost.

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Real estate photo editing, HDR blending + Flash ambient photo editing, Drone photo editing, Day to dusk photo editing, Portrait photo editing, Clipping path cutting

We always work and strive toward to create the best result. It is a prerequisite for our team to create projects and products with the best quality, reasonable prices and provide the most attentive, excellent and the fastest services.Specifically, come to us, you will receive fast turn around within 12 hours, photos are edited in your style and easy payment methods.Working process

Free testing: Experience our services for free with 5 files output.Conversation: After testing, if you are interested in our services, we will discuss in detail about your project. We will help you find what is the best resolution for your job.Deliver services: Your satisfaction will be our target to complete project. With modern equipment, the final product will be edited and delivered in the fastest way to you.Highlight: your very first project with us will be free of charge.

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